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Action - PC - 2006 - Plastic Reality Technologies

El Matador

After a successful raid to rescue DA’s daughter in a nightclub owned by a drug lord Alberto Entiendez, Victor Corbet is sent to Colombia to assist the local police in taking down La Valedora Cartel, who was involved in a massacre that killed Victor brother. The police department includes captain Carlos Enterrador, ADA Mia Rodriguez, Sgt. Gabriel Montego and Ricardo “Rico” Altemetra, a close friend of Victor.

Victor’s first assignment consists of eavesdropping on a secret meeting of the Cartel in Hotel Paradiso, Bogota, hosted by a drug lord nicknamed “El Corsario”. During the meeting, Victor’s team is attacked by the Cartel, with Victor being the only survivor. Victor raids the Hotel on his own and kills “El Corsario” and several of his men, but the remaining leaders of La Valedora escape by Helicopter.

Due to Victor’s heroic actions at the hotel, he is nicknamed “El Matador” by his comrades. Rico and Victor are then sent to raid an abandoned factory that serves as a secret drug factory for La Valedora. Victor and Rico are tasked to arrest Guillermo Toro, a drug kingpin who is controlling the operations. During the raid, Victor manages to destroy the factory with C-4, but Toro escapes. Victor and the rest of the team, including Enterrador and Mia, corner Toro in a church. The police raid the church, and in the ensuing shootout, Toro is heavily wounded. Victor proceeds to arrest him but is shot by Enterrador.

The police find out that La Valedora has a training camp in Colombia’s jungle. Due to Enterrador’s distrust of the police force, orders Victor to go on his own to dismantle the training camp, run by a former Israeli agent. Victor raids the camp, killing all hostile forces.

Thanks to information retrieved by Victor, the DEA finds out that the leader of La Valedora is Helmut Köch, a former SS soldier who lives in his island fortress. The DEA, with Victor and Montego leading the team, raids the island. Victor kills Köch in a gunfight.

Documents found in Köch lair reveal that a big drug cargo is being transported in a freighter. Enterrador gathers all police forces to retrieve the cargo, instead of destroying it. Two teams, one led by Rico and Victor, and the other led by Montego, raid the harbor, while Mia serves as air support. During the raid, Rico is shot and killed by an unknown assailant. Victor backfires on him, and unmasks him, turning out to be Montego. Montego reveals to Victor that Carlos pretends to steal the cargo before dying from his wounds.

Victor, with the help of Mia, raids the freighter, where Enterrador and several of his Special Ops men are gathered. He manages to make his way, killing all of his men, and wounds Enterrador. Enterrador justifies all of his actions to Victor, claiming that the justice he served is controlled by men worse than the drug lords he has been fighting. Unbeknownst to Victor, Enterrador plans to shoot him with a gun concealed in his pants. Enterrador takes his gun and points it towards Victor before the screen turns black and a gunshot is heard.

Download Part 1 Windows XP / 7 / 10
Download Part 2 Windows XP / 7 / 10






Marty McFly


It's fast-paced, it's gritty, and it's got a style to spare, but El Matador is also one of the most infuriatingly unbalanced shooters in years. It's a bullet-ballet rail ride with decent graphics, passable physics, horrible character animation, and an uninteresting world.
Bullet Time! Who doesn't love it?
Fast-paced action that's fun to play
Horrible character animation
Uninteresting world