The House of the Dead

About The House of the Dead

The renowned biochemist and geneticist Roy Curien becomes obsessed with discovering the nature of life and death. While supported by the DBR Corporation and its own team of scientists, Curien’s behavior becomes more erratic and his experiments take a gruesome turn. The Curien Mansion in Europe, which serves as his home and laboratory, experiences an outbreak.

On December 18, 1998, AMS Agent Thomas Rogan receives a distress call from his fiancée Sophie Richards from the Curien Mansion. Rogan and his partner “G” fly to Europe and arrive at the estate, finding it overrun with undead creatures, which Curien unleashed. A mortally wounded man gives them a journal containing information about Curien’s creations and their weaknesses. Rogan and “G” reach Sophie, only to witness her being carried away by a gargoyle-like creature called the Hangedman. They later find Sophie, before she is attacked by the Chariot, a heavily armored mutant armed with a bardiche. After killing the mutant, Rogan and “G” attend to Sophie, who tells them they must stop Curien or else “something terrible will happen,” before passing out. A furious Rogan goes after the Hangedman to the rooftops surrounding the courtyard. After a lengthy battle, Rogan and “G” shoot it down. The two later encounter an armored, spider-like creature called The Hermit, whom they also kill to proceed.

Arriving at the mansion’s laboratory, Curien unleashes his masterpiece, The Magician, a humanoid creature with pyrokinetic abilities. However, the Magician refuses to serve any master and mortally wounds his creator. Curien expresses his confusion regarding his creation’s loyalty before succumbing to his injuries. Rogan and “G” battle the Magician until it explodes, then leave the mansion.

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